Adaptador / Connector HDD HP 15-D SATA 747118-001
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Adaptador / Connector HDD HP 15-D SATA 747118-001


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Adaptador de conexão do disco rígido SSD SATA a motherboard

Part Number: 35090R400-26N-G / 747118-001

Connector: SATA


HP Compaq 15-A, 15-A000, 15-A100

15-a101TX, 15-a102TX, 15-a103TX

HP 15-D, 15-d000, 15-d100 Series

15-d000ee, 15-d000eia, 15-d000ej, 15-d000ek, 15-d000se, 15-d000sh, 15-d000sia, 15-d000sk, 15-d000sl, 15-d000sp, 15-d000sr, 15-d000ss, 15-d000st, 15-d000sx, 15-d001ee, 15-d001eia, 15-d001ek, 15-d001es, 15-d001sd, 15-d001se, 15-d001sh, 15-d001si, 15-d001sia, 15-d001sk, 15-d001sl, 15-d001sr, 15-d001ss, 15-d001sx, 15-d002au, 15-d002ee, 15-d002eia, 15-d002ej, 15-d002ek, 15-d002se, 15-d002si, 15-d002sia, 15-d002sk, 15-d002sl, 15-d002sr, 15-d002ss, 15-d002st, 15-d002sx, 15-d002tu, 15-d002tx, 15-d003ee, 15-d003ek, 15-d003se, 15-d003si, 15-d003sk, 15-d003sl, 15-d003sm, 15-d003sp, 15-d003sr, 15-d003ss, 15-d003st, 15-d003TX, 15-d004eia, 15-d004er, 15-d004sia, 15-d004sm, 15-d004ss, 15-d004sx, 15-d004tu, 15-d004TX, 15-d005eia, 15-d005sia, 15-d005sk, 15-d005sp, 15-d005st, 15-d005sv, 15-d005sw, 15-d005sx, 15-d005tu, 15-d005TX, 15-d006ed, 15-d006es, 15-d006sk, 15-d006sl, 15-d006sP, 15-d006ss, 15-d006sx, 15-d006tu, 15-d006TX, 15-d007ed, 15-d007ee, 15-d007eia, 15-d007se, 15-d007sia, 15-d007sk, 15-d007sx, 15-d007TX, 15-d008ed, 15-d008ee, 15-d008se, 15-d008sv, 15-d008sx, 15-d008TU, 15-d008TX, 15-d009eia, 15-d009ej, 15-d009sia, 15-d009sl, 15-d009ss, 15-d009sx, 15-d009tu, 15-d009TX, 15-D010CA, 15-d010ek, 15-d010sia, 15-d010sk, 15-d010sl, 15-d010ss, 15-d010st, 15-d010sw, 15-d010sx, 15-d010tu, 15-d010TX, 15-d011sk, 15-d011st, 15-d011sx, 15-d011TX, 15-d012sia, 15-d012sl, 15-d012ss, 15-d012sv, 15-d012sx, 15-d012TX, 15-D013CA, 15-d013sia, 15-d013sk, 15-d013sl, 15-d013ss, 15-d013sx, 15-d013TX, 15-d014sk, 15-d014sv, 15-d014TX, 15-d015ev, 15-d015ss, 15-d015sv, 15-d015sw, 15-d015sx, 15-d015tu, 15-d015TX, 15-d016es, 15-d016sv, 15-d016sx, 15-d016tu, 15-D017CL, 15-d017sl, 15-d017ss, 15-d017sx, 15-d017tu, 15-d018sia, 15-d018sl, 15-d018ss, 15-d018sx, 15-d019sia, 15-d019sx, 15-d019tu, 15-D020CA, 15-D020DX, 15-d020ek, 15-d020la, 15-D020NR, 15-d020sk, 15-d020sw, 15-D021CA, 15-d021sx, 15-d022es, 15-d022sl, 15-d022sx, 15-d022TU, 15-d023TU, 15-d024ee, 15-d024se, 15-d024TU, 15-d025ee, 15-d025er, 15-d025se, 15-d025sr, 15-d025TU, 15-d026er, 15-d026sr, 15-d026sx, 15-d026TU, 15-D027CA, 15-D027CL, 15-d027ee, 15-d027se, 15-d027TU, 15-d028TU, 15-d029TU, 15-d030ee, 15-D030NR, 15-d030se, 15-d030sw, 15-d030TU, 15-d031ee, 15-d031TU, 15-d032TU, 15-d033se, 15-d033TU, 15-d034TU, 15-D035DX, 15-D037DX, 15-d037ee, 15-d037se, 15-d037TU, 15-D038CA, 15-D038DX, 15-d038TU, 15-d039dx, 15-d039TU, 15-D040CA, 15-D040DX, 15-D040NR, 15-d040se, 15-d040sw, 15-D041DX, 15-d041ee, 15-d041se, 15-d041TU, 15-d042sw, 15-d043ee, 15-d043se, 15-d043sw, 15-d044TU, 15-D045NR, 15-d045TU, 15-d046TU, 15-d047ee, 15-d047se, 15-d047TU, 15-d048ee, 15-d048se, 15-d048TU, 15-d049ee, 15-d049se, 15-d049TU, 15-d050ec, 15-d050em, 15-d050ev, 15-d050nd, 15-D050NR, 15-d050sc, 15-d050sm, 15-d050sq, 15-d050sr, 15-d050sv, 15-d050TU, 15-d051ea, 15-d051em, 15-D051NR, 15-d051sa, 15-d051sh, 15-d051sm, 15-d051sq, 15-d051sr, 15-d051st, 15-d051su, 15-d051TU, 15-d052eo, 15-D052NR, 15-d052sh, 15-d052sq, 15-d052st, 15-d052su, 15-d052TU, 15-D053CL, 15-d053ee, 15-D053NR, 15-d053se, 15-d053sq, 15-d053sr, 15-d053su, 15-d053TU, 15-d054ec, 15-d054ee, 15-d054eo, 15-d054er, 15-D054NR, 15-d054sc, 15-d054se, 15-d054so, 15-d054sq, 15-d054sr, 15-d054su, 15-d054TU, 15-d055em, 15-d055sm, 15-d055sr, 15-d055TU, 15-d056ee, 15-d056nd, 15-D056NR, 15-d056se, 15-d056sr, 15-d056TU, 15-D057NR, 15-d057sc, 15-d057sr, 15-d057TU, 15-D058NR, 15-d058sr, 15-d058TU, 15-D059NR, 15-d059se, 15-d059sr, 15-d059TU, 15-D060NR, 15-d060sw, 15-d060TU, 15-d061se, 15-d061TU, 15-d062TU, 15-d063TU, 15-d064TU, 15-d065TU, 15-d066TU, 15-d067TU, 15-D068CA, 15-d068TU, 15-d069TU, 15-D069WM, 15-d070so, 15-d070sw, 15-d070TU, 15-d071er, 15-D071NR, 15-d071sr, 15-d071TU, 15-D072NR, 15-d072TU, 15-d073er, 15-D073NR, 15-d073sr, 15-d073TU, 15-d074er, 15-d074nr, 15-d074sr, 15-d074TU, 15-d075er, 15-d075nr, 15-d075sr, 15-d076er, 15-d076nr, 15-d076sr, 15-d077sr, 15-d078sr, 15-d079er, 15-D079NR, 15-d079sr, 15-D079WM, 15-d080ed, 15-d080ee, 15-d080se, 15-d081ed, 15-D081NR, 15-d081se, 15-D082NR, 15-D083NR, 15-d084eo, 15-d085eo, 15-D087CA, 15-d088er, 15-d088sr, 15-D089WM, 15-D090NR, 15-d092sr, 15-D095NR, 15-d096nr, 15-D097NR, 15-D098NR, 15-D099NR, 15-d101TX, 15-d102TX, 15-d103TX, 15-d104TX, 15-d105TX, 15-d106TX, 15-d107TX, 15-d108TX, 15Z-D000

HP 250 G2

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HP 255 G2

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