Keyboard HP Stream 14-CB 14-AX Without Frame White PT
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Keyboard HP Stream 14-CB 14-AX Without Frame White PT


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Teclado para Portátil Compatível com vários modelos

Teclado Sem Moldura 

Versão: Português (PT-PT).

Cor: Branco

Estado: Novo 

Modelos aplicáveis: 

HP Stream 14-AX, 14-ax000, 14-ax100

14-ax000na, 14-ax000nd, 14-ax000ne, 14-ax000nf, 14-ax000ni, 14-ax000nk, 14-ax000no, 14-ax000np, 14-ax000nq, 14-ax000ns, 14-ax000nu, 14-ax000nv, 14-ax000nw, 14-ax000nx, 14-ax000ur, 14-ax001la, 14-ax001na, 14-ax001nb, 14-ax001nc, 14-ax001ne, 14-ax001nf, 14-ax001ng, 14-ax001nia, 14-ax001nk, 14-ax001nm, 14-ax001no, 14-AX001NP, 14-ax001ns, 14-ax001nu, 14-ax001nv, 14-ax001ur, 14-ax002nb, 14-ax002nc, 14-ax002nf, 14-ax002ng, 14-ax002ni, 14-ax002nk, 14-ax002nm, 14-ax002no, 14-ax002np, 14-ax002ns, 14-ax002nt, 14-ax002nw, 14-ax002nx, 14-ax003na, 14-ax003nc, 14-ax003nf, 14-ax003ni, 14-ax003nk, 14-ax003nm, 14-ax003np, 14-ax003ns, 14-ax003nw, 14-ax003nx, 14-ax004na, 14-ax004nf, 14-ax004nl, 14-ax004nm, 14-ax004np, 14-ax004ur, 14-ax005nf, 14-ax005no, 14-ax005np, 14-ax005ns, 14-ax005ur, 14-ax006nc, 14-ax006nf, 14-ax006nl, 14-ax006np, 14-ax006nw, 14-ax007nf, 14-ax007nl, 14-ax007no, 14-ax007ns, 14-ax007nt, 14-ax007ur, 14-ax008nl, 14-ax008ur, 14-ax009nf, 14-ax009nl, 14-ax009nt, 14-ax009ur, 14-ax010ca, 14-ax010ds, 14-ax010nd, 14-ax010nf, 14-ax010nl, 14-AX010NR, 14-ax010nz, 14-ax010ur, 14-ax010wm, 14-ax011ds, 14-ax011nd, 14-ax011nf, 14-ax011nl, 14-ax011ur, 14-ax012ds, 14-ax012nf, 14-ax012nl, 14-ax012ur, 14-ax013nf, 14-ax013ur, 14-ax014nl, 14-ax014ur, 14-ax015nf, 14-ax015ur, 14-ax016nf, 14-ax016nl, 14-ax016ur, 14-ax017ur, 14-ax018nf, 14-ax018ur, 14-ax019nf, 14-ax019nl, 14-ax020ca, 14-ax020nf, 14-ax020nr, 14-ax020nz, 14-ax020wm, 14-ax021la, 14-ax022la, 14-ax022nf, 14-ax022nr, 14-ax023la, 14-ax023nf, 14-ax024nf, 14-ax025la, 14-ax025nf, 14-ax026la, 14-ax026nf, 14-ax027cl, 14-ax027la, 14-ax028la, 14-ax029la, 14-ax029nf, 14-ax030ca, 14-ax030ng, 14-ax030nr, 14-ax030nz, 14-ax030wm, 14-ax031ng, 14-ax032la, 14-ax032ng, 14-ax040ca, 14-ax040nr, 14-ax040wm, 14-ax050nr, 14-ax050nz, 14-ax054na, 14-ax054sa, 14-ax055sa, 14-ax060nr, 14-ax060nz, 14-ax067nr, 14-ax069st, 14-ax081no, 14-ax087no, 14-ax0XX, 14-ax101la, 14-cb036nf, 14-cb037nf, 14T-AX000

HP Stream 14-CB, 14-cb000, 14-cb100

14-cb000TX, 14-cb001no, 14-cb001TX, 14-cb002TX, 14-cb003nx, 14-cb003TX, 14-cb004ne, 14-cb006na, 14-cb007na, 14-cb008na, 14-cb009na, 14-cb009no, 14-CB010DS, 14-CB010NR, 14-cb011ds, 14-CB011WM, 14-cb012ds, 14-CB012DX, 14-CB012WM, 14-CB013DS, 14-cb013wm, 14-cb016na, 14-cb020nr, 14-cb021nl, 14-cb022nl, 14-cb023nl, 14-cb025nl, 14-cb029nl, 14-cb030nl, 14-cb030nr, 14-cb031nf, 14-cb032nf, 14-cb032ng, 14-cb032nl, 14-cb033nf, 14-cb033ng, 14-cb034nf, 14-cb034ng, 14-cb035nf, 14-cb038nf, 14-cb039nf, 14-cb040nf, 14-CB040NR, 14-cb041nf, 14-cb042nf, 14-cb043nf, 14-cb044nf, 14-cb045nf, 14-cb046nf, 14-CB050NR, 14-cb050nw, 14-cb051ns, 14-cb053nw, 14-CB055NP, 14-CB055NS, 14-cb056na, 14-cb056ns, 14-cb056sa, 14-cb057na, 14-cb057sa, 14-cb058na, 14-cb058sa, 14-cb060nd, 14-CB060NR, 14-cb060nv, 14-cb061nv, 14-cb062nd, 14-cb062nv, 14-cb063nv, 14-CB070NR, 14-CB080NR, 14-cb087no, 14-CB090NR, 14-cb099nf, 14-cb099ns, 14-cb100ne, 14-cb100nl, 14-cb100nm, 14-cb100no, 14-CB101CA, 14-cb101nl, 14-CB102CA, 14-cb102nf, 14-cb102ns, 14-cb102nw, 14-cb102nz, 14-CB103CA, 14-cb103nw, 14-cb104nl, 14-cb104nx, 14-cb105nl, 14-CB106CA, 14-cb106nl, 14-CB107CA, 14-cb107nl, 14-CB108CA, 14-cb108nl, 14-CB109CA, 14-cb109nl, 14-cb109nz, 14-CB110CA, 14-cb110nl, 14-CB110NR, 14-cb111nl, 14-CB111WM, 14-CB112DX, 14-cb112nl, 14-CB112WM, 14-cb113nl, 14-CB113WM, 14-cb115ds, 14-cb116ds, 14-cb117ds, 14-cb118ds, 14-cb119nz, 14-cb120ca, 14-CB120NR, 14-cb129nz, 14-cb130ca, 14-CB130NR, 14-cb139nz, 14-CB140NR, 14-cb149nz, 14-CB150NR, 14-cb152ng, 14-cb159nr, 14-CB160NR, 14-cb160nz, 14-CB161MS, 14-cb161wm, 14-cb162nd, 14-CB163MS, 14-cb163wm, 14-cb164wm, 14-CB170NR, 14-cb171wm, 14-cb172wm, 14-cb174wm, 14-CB180NR, 14-cb181nr, 14-cb182nr, 14-cb183nr, 14-cb184nr, 14-cb185nr, 14-cb186nr, 14-cb187nr, 14-cb188nr, 14-CB190NR, 14-cb191nr, 14-cb192nr, 14-cb193nr, 14-cb194nr, 14-CB610CL

Part Number: 901658-131, 905569-131, 905570-131, 910180-131, 926601-131, 928419-131, 933583-131, 9Z.NC9SQ.306, L16698-131, L16699-131, NSK-CX3SQ

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