Teclado Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15ARR Cinza escuro Sem Moldura Backlit PT
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Teclado Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15ARR Cinza escuro Sem Moldura Backlit PT


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Teclado para Portátil Com teclado numérico standard compatível com vários modelos 

Teclado Sem Moldura Teclado retro-iluminado (backlit) 

Versão: Português (PT-PT).

Cor: Cinza escuro

Estado: Novo 

Modelos aplicáveis: 

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15ARR, 330S-15ARR 81FB, 330S-15ARR 81JQ, 330S-15ARR-186, 330S-15ARR-482, 330S-15ARR-482 81FB00CGPG

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15AST, 330S-15AST 81F9

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15IKB, 330S-15IKB 81F5, 330S-15IKB 81F500H7PG, 330S-15IKB 81F500QRPG, 330S-15IKB 81F5013VPG, 330S-15IKB 81F5013WPG, 330S-15IKB GTX1050, 330S-15IKB GTX1050 81GC, 330S-15IKB GTX1050 81JT, 330S-15IKB-595, 330S-15IKB-601, 330S-15IKB-799, 330S-15IKB-848, 330S-15IKB-848 81F500H7PG, 330S-15IKB-929, 330S-15IKB-929 81F5013WPG, 330S-15IKB-936, 330S-15IKB-943, 330S-15IKB-943 81F5013VPG

Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15API, S340-15API 81NC, S340-15API 81QG, S340-15API-480, S340-15API-480 81NC0080PG, S340-15IIL, S340-15IIL 81VW, S340-15IIL 81WL, S340-15IML, S340-15IML 81NA, S340-15IML 81QL, S340-15IML-693, S340-15IWL, S340-15IWL 81N8, S340-15IWL 81QF, S340-15IWL 81RK

Lenovo IdeaPad V130-15IGM, V130-15IGM 81HL, V130-15IGM 81HL0019PG, V130-15IGM 81HL001APG, V130-15IGM 81HL001ASP, V130-15IGM 81HL001CPG, V130-15IGM 81HL0025PG, V130-15IGM 81HL002PSP, V130-15IKB, V130-15IKB 81HN, V130-15IKB 81HN00DWPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00E1PG, V130-15IKB 81HN00FAPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00FFPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00FLPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00FLSP, V130-15IKB 81HN00FMPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00GLSP, V130-15IKB 81HN00H1PG, V130-15IKB 81HN00H6PG, V130-15IKB 81HN00H9PG, V130-15IKB 81HN00N1PG, V130-15IKB 81HN00NCPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00P9PG, V130-15IKB 81HN00PAPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00PBPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00PDPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00PEPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00PFPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00PGPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00PPPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00PSPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00TUPG, V130-15IKB 81HN00U0PG, V130-15IKB 81HN00U3PG

Lenovo IdeaPad V330-15IKB, V330-15IKB 81AX, V330-15IKB 81AX006BPG, V330-15IKB 81AX00ARPG, V330-15IKB 81AX00CNPG, V330-15IKB 81AX00J0PG, V330-15IKB 81AX00JUPG, V330-15IKB 81AX00QBPG, V330-15IKB 81AX00XCPG, V330-15IKB 81AX011LPG, V330-15IKB 81AX0127PG, V330-15IKB 81AX012LPG, V330-15IKB 81AX012RPG, V330-15ISK 81AW

Part Number: 5CB0Q59969, 5CB0Q59976, 5CB0Q59999, 5CB0Q60017, 5CB0Q60033, 5CB0Q60158, 5CB0Q60190, 5CB0Q60245, 5CB0R07244, 5CB0R07264, 5CB0R07271, 5CB0R07281, 5CB0R07380, 5CB0R07390, 5CB0R41774, 5CB0R41797, 5CB0R57647, 5CB0R57706, 5CB0R58123, 5CB0R58158, 5CB0S18674, 5CB0S18705, 5CB0S18768, 5CB0S18800, LCM16K3, LCM16K36P0J689, LCM16K36POJ689, PC5CB, PC5CB-POR, SN20M62963

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