Teclado Lenovo G50 G50-30 G50-45 G50-70 PT
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Teclado Lenovo G50 G50-30 G50-45 G50-70 PT


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Teclado para Portátil Com teclado numérico standard compatível com vários modelos

Versão: Português (PT-PT).

Part Number: 25214731, 25214639, 25214761, 25214791, 35018017, 35032735, 130TH2A14, 5N20H03465, 5N20H03542, 5N20J15243, 5N20J15248, 5N20J15267, 5N20J15352, 5N20K12977, 9Z.NB4SN.006, 9Z.NB4SN.500, G75, MP-13Q16P0-686, NSK-BQ0SN, PK130TH2A14, PK1314K2A14, PK1315L2C26, SG-87320-XPA, SN613BL1, T6G1-POR, T6G1-SW

Cor: Preto

Estado: Novo 

Modelos aplicáveis: 

Lenovo B50-30, B51-35, B51-35 E1-7010, B51-35 E1-7010B, B50-45, B50-50, B50-70, B50-80, B51, B70-80, B71, B71-80, E50-70, E50-80, G50-30, G50-45, G50-70, G50-70a, G50-70AT, G50-70AT BKTXI5, G50-70m, G50-80, G50-80e, G70-35, G70-70, G70-80, Z50-70, Z50-75, Z51-70, Z70-80 Series.

Lenovo IdeaPad 300 15, 300-15IBR, 300-15ISK, 300-17ISK Series.

Lenovo IdeaPad 500-15, 500-15ACZ, 500-15ISK Series.

Lenovo IdeaPad 305-15IHW 305-15IBD 305-15IBY 305-15ABM

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