Ventoinha Toshiba Satellite L500 L505 L555 15.6" AB7005MX-ED3 3 Pin
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Ventoinha Toshiba Satellite L500 L505 L555 15.6" AB7005MX-ED3 3 Pin


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Ventoinha para portátil

Modelo: MF60090V1-C000-G99 / AB7005MX-ED3

Connector: 3-pin

DC5V 0.50A

Estado: Novo 


Toshiba Satellite L500, L500-126, L500-12N, L500-12P, L500-12Q, L500-12R, L500-12T, L500-12U, L500-12V, L500-12W, L500-12X, L500-12Z, L500-13E, L500-13T, L500-14F, L500-14X, L500-14Z, L500-19F, L500-1C7, L500-1D1, L500-1D2, L500-1D3, L500-1D4, L500-1D5, L500-1D6, L500-1EF, L500-1EG, L500-1EH, L500-1EJ, L500-1EK, L500-1EL, L500-1EM, L500-1EN, L500-1EP, L500-1EQ, L500-1ER, L500-1ET, L500-1EU, L500-1EV, L500-1FW, L500-1GD, L500-1GE, L500-1GF, L500-1GG, L500-1GH, L500-1GJ, L500-1GK, L500-1GL, L500-1GM, L500-1NT, L500-1PP, L500-1PQ, L500-1PR, L500-1PU, L500-1PV, L500-1PZ, L500-1Q0, L500-1Q6, L500-1Q7, L500-1Q8, L500-1QE, L500-1QK, L500-1QV, L500-1RE, L500-1RF, L500-1RG, L500-1RH, L500-1RJ, L500-1RK, L500-1T2, L500-1T3, L500-1T6, L500-1TX, L500-1UG, L500-1UH, L500-1UJ, L500-1UP, L500-1UU, L500-1VT, L500-1VV, L500-1VW, L500-1VX, L500-1VZ, L500-20Z, L500D, L500D-10R, L500D-137, L500D-13H, L500D-13U, L500D-149, L500D-14R, L500D-14W, L500D-163, L500D-164, L500D-16P, L500D-16Q, L505, L505-10W, L505-10X, L505-10Z, L505-110, L505-111, L505-138, L505-13J, L505-13N, L505-13T, L505-13U, L505-13V, L505-13W, L505-13Z, L505-141, L505-144, L505D, L550, L550-10Z, L550-110, L550-113, L550-117, L550-11C, L550-11F, L550-13C, L550-13M, L550-146, L550-149, L550-173, L550-179, L550-17R, L550-17T, L550-17U, L550-17V, L550-19D, L550-19E, L550-19T, L550-19U, L550-19Z, L550-1C9, L550-1CC, L550-1CF, L550-1CW, L550D, L550D-107, L550D-10L, L550D-11F, L550D-11J, L550D-12E, L555, L555-10M, L555-10R, L555-11K, L555-11L, L555-11N, L555-11U, L555D, L555D-103, L510, L511, L515, L525, L526, L532, L536, L555 Series.

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