Ventoinha HP Folio 1040 G1 VGA KDB0505HC-DC35 4 Pin
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Ventoinha HP Folio 1040 G1 VGA KDB0505HC-DC35 4 Pin


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Ventoinha para portátil VGA Cooling Fan

Modelo: EG50040S1-C240-S9A / KDB0505HC-DC35

Connector: 4 pin

Estado: Novo 


HP Folio 1040 G1

E7N24PA, F1P43EA#AB9, F2R68UT, F2R69UT, F2R70UT, F2R71UT, F2R72UT, F4X88AW, F4X89AA, F4X92AA, F4X93AA, F8Z27PA, F8Z36PA, F8Z37PA, F9B21AW, F9B23AA, F9Y17UP, G0H33US, G0N47EP, G1F25PA, G1F26PA, G1Q52UT, G1T62PP, G1T63PP, G1W78PA, G2F75PA, G2F80PA, G2F88PA, G2L08US, G2Q63UP, G2Q93UP, G2R90UP, G2R92UP, G2S70UP, G3B93US, G3E35US, G3E38US, G3K11PA, G3K13PA, G3K15PA, G3K17PA, G3S22EP, G4E13UC, G4E14UC, G4E22UC, G4E33UC, G4M70US, G4N55US, G4N67US, G4P73US, G4U41UA, G4U42UA, G4Z74EC, G4Z74ECR, G4Z75EC, G4Z76EC, G5G72UC, G5G80UC, G5K15EP, G5K20EP, G5U09UP, G5U11UP, G5U25UP, G5U42UP, G6G06PA, G6G18PA, G6K46EC, G6K80EC, G6K84EC, G6K86EC, G6K94EC, G6K95EC, G6L02EC, G6L03EC, G6L05EC, G6M81UP, G7A93UC, G7H44US, G7U08AA, G8B21UC, G8B22UC, G8C25PP, G8K99US, G8L70US, G8L78US, G8L80US, G8V26EP, G8V42EP, G8Z64PA, G9N45UC, G9N65UC, G9T37EP, G9T48EP, G9W72US, H5F61EA#AB9, H5F64EA#AB9, H5F66EA#AB9, H9R63EC, H9R85EC, H9R96EC, J1C75UC, J1H09PP, J1J46UP, J1K45UP, J1W22UC, J2A43EC, J2A44EC, J2A61EC, J2R44PC, J3Y24UC, J4C41EP, J4C49EP, J4C61EP, J4C66EC, J4N35US, J4P41US, J4Q02US, J4Q25US, J4Q64US, J4R27US, J5H58UP, J5J03UC, J5J17UP, J5S90PT, J6J77UC, J6K56UC, J6K57UC, J6L17PT, J6P38US, J6Q32US, J6V68EP, J6V88EC, J6W18EC, J6W33EP, J6W34EP, J6W45EP, J6W50EC, J6W54EP, J7F47UP, J7F48UP, J7G68UP, J7H00UP, J7H11UP, J7M80US, J7P07US, J7P40US, J7V98PA, J8P32PP, J8R19EA#AB9, J8U35UT, J8U36UT, J8U38UA, J8U50UT, J9D86US, J9E98US, J9S55US, J9T64US, J9T86US, J9U33US, K0C91AW, K0D72UC, K0M43UP, K0M89UP, K0N04UP, K0P42UP, K1C37PA, K1N55EC, K1P30EC, K1P40EC, K2M29UC, K2X49US, K3B82PA, K4M77US, K5S07UP, K5S98UP, K5U15US, K5U31US, K5V75UP, K6L23US, K6L53US, K6L55US, K6L64US, K6L80US, K6V94EP, K8B17US, K8B84US, K8V55EP, K8V56EP, K8V58EP, K8W39UC, K9C40UC, K9W72US, K9X27US, L1A15US, L1A39US, L1A77US, L1B32US, L1B37US, L1C24US, L1J24PP, L1X34UP, L1X35UP, L3G17UP, L3G67UP, L4L53US, L4M72US, L5U13UC, L5U14UC, L6B53PA, L6M99US, L6P02UP, L6P04UP, L6P08UP, L6T46US, L6T70US, L6U27US, L6V09US, L8E93US, L9V11UC, M0V43US, M0V86US, M0V90US, M0X76US, M1E39EP, M1E40EP, M4Z11PA, M5C90UC, M5W46US, M6M39US, M6M71US, M6M72US, M8W06EP, M8W32EP, N7P94EC, P7Q19UT 

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