Ventoinha HP CQ62 G62 G72 KSB0505HA-A / -9K62 3 pin
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Ventoinha HP CQ62 G62 G72 KSB0505HA-A / -9K62 3 pin


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Ventoinha para portátil 

Modelo: AB7505HX-EC3 / KSB0505HA-A / -9K62

Connector: 3-pin

DC05V  0.38A

Estado: Novo


HP Compaq Presario CQ62, CQ62-a00 Series:

cq62-113tx, cq62-114tx, cq62-200ca, cq62-200sb, cq62-200sd, cq62-200sg, cq62-200sj, cq62-200sl, cq62-200so, cq62-202au, cq62-203au, cq62-203ax, cq62-203sz, cq62-204ax, cq62-204so, cq62-205sr, cq62-206tu, cq62-207ab, cq62-207au, cq62-207so, cq62-207tu, cq62-208au, cq62-209ca, cq62-209wm, cq62-210ax, cq62-210eb, cq62-210ek, cq62-210ep, cq62-210sd, cq62-210sp, cq62-210tu, cq62-210us, cq62-211ax, cq62-212ax, cq62-213ax, cq62-214ax, cq62-214nr, cq62-215ax, cq62-215dx, cq62-215er, cq62-215sz, cq62-217ca, cq62-217ez, cq62-219wm, cq62-220ed, cq62-220er, cq62-220sa, cq62-220sb, cq62-220sl, cq62-220tu, cq62-223tu, cq62-225er, cq62-225nr, cq62-230er, cq62-230sl, cq62-231nr, cq62-235sf, cq62-235st, cq62-237ef, cq62-237sf, cq62-238dx, cq62-239sf, cq62-240sf, cq62-242sf, cq62-243sf, cq62-254tu, cq62-262tx, cq62-263tx, cq62-264tx, cq62-270tx, cq62-271tx, cq62-277tx, cq62-283tx, cq62-301au, cq62-301tu, cq62-302au, cq62-305ax, cq62-306ax, cq62-310au, cq62-353tx, cq62-354tx, cq62-358tx, cq62-359tx, cq62-401au, cq62-410us, cq62-412nr, cq62-417nr, cq62-421nr, cq62-422rn, cq62-423nr, cq62-454tu, cq62-455tu, cq62-a01sg, cq62-a02sg, cq62-a03sg, cq62-a04sg, cq62-a10er, cq62-a10sa, cq62-a10sb, cq62-a10sd, cq62-a11so, cq62-a15eo, cq62-a16sz, cq62-a20ed, cq62-a20er, cq62-a20sb, cq62-a20ss, cq62-a25er, cq62-a36sf, cq62-a40sb

HP G62-100 G62-200 G62-300 G62-400 G62-a00 G62-b00 Series:

g62-100eb, g62-100ee, g62-100ej, g62-100sl, g62-105sa, g62-110ed, g62-110eo, g62-110ss, g62-110sw, g62-111ee, g62-112so, g62-113so, g62-118eo, g62-120eg, g62-120ek, g62-120ep, g62-120er, g62-120et, g62-120sl, g62-120ss, g62-121ee, g62-121ez, g62-125ek, g62-125el, g62-125sl, g62-130eg, g62-130ek, g62-130et, g62-130sd, g62-130sl, g62-140ef, g62-140el, g62-140et, g62-140ss, g62-140us, g62-143cl, g62-144dx, g62-149wm, g62-150ef, g62-150et, g62-150sf, g62-150sl, g62-153ca, g62-165sl, g62-166sb, g62-208ca, g62-219ca, g62-220ca, g62-220us, g62-221ca, g62-222us, g62-223ca, g62-223cl, g62-224ca, g62-225dx, g62-225nr, g62-227ca, g62-228ca, g62-228cl, g62-229nr, g62-229wm, g62-233nr, g62-234dx, g62-237ca, g62-238nr, g62-264ca, g62-318ca, g62-320ca, g62-327ca, g62-339wm, g62-340us, g62-341nr, g62-346nr, g62-347cl, g62-347nr, g62-348ca, g62-348nr, g62-352ca, g62-352us, g62-354ca, g62-355ca, g62-355dx, g62-357ca, g62-357tx, g62-358ca, g62-358nr, g62-359ca, g62-361tx, g62-363nr, g62-364dx, g62-365ca, g62-366tx, g62-367dx, g62-367tx, g62-368tx, g62-371dx, g62-371tx, g62-372tx, g62-372us, g62-373dx, g62-374ca, g62-378ca, g62-407dx, g62-415nr, g62-420ca, g62-423ca, g62-435dx, g62-448ca, g62-450er, g62-450sa, g62-450sj, g62-450sl, g62-450sv, g62-451eb, g62-451el, g62-451sa, g62-451tx, g62-452eb, g62-452sa, g62-452sl, g62-453eb, g62-453ep, g62-453sl, g62-453tu, g62-454ef, g62-454ep, g62-454sf, g62-454sl, g62-455dx, g62-455sx, g62-455tx, g62-457dx, g62-457tx, g62-458tx, g62-459tx, g62-460sj, g62-460so, g62-460ss, g62-460st, g62-460sx, g62-460tu, g62-465dx, g62-465ef, g62-465ez, g62-465sf, g62-470ca, g62-470sd, g62-470ss, g62-474ca, g62-a00sg, g62-a01sg, g62-a02eg, g62-a03sa, g62-a03sg, g62-a03st, g62-a05er, g62-a05sb, g62-a05sg, g62-a05st, g62-a05sw, g62-a06sg, g62-a07sg, g62-a09eo, g62-a10ej, g62-a10ek, g62-a10eo, g62-a10ep, g62-a10er, g62-a10et, g62-a10sb, g62-a10sk, g62-a11el, g62-a11sd, g62-a12el, g62-a12sd, g62-a12so, g62-a13sa, g62-a13sd, g62-a14ed, g62-a14er, g62-a14sa, g62-a14sl, g62-a14sv, g62-a15er, g62-a15sw, g62-a16ed, g62-a16eo, g62-a16er, g62-a16sl, g62-a17so, g62-a18ed, g62-a18sa, g62-a19sa, g62-a20ed, g62-a20ep, g62-a20er, g62-a20sl, g62-a20sm, g62-a20so, g62-a20sp, g62-a20ss, g62-a20sw, g62-a21ez, g62-a22ez, g62-a23so, g62-a24et, g62-a24so, g62-a24sz, g62-a25eb, g62-a25et, g62-a25sr, g62-a25ss, g62-a26st, g62-a27et, g62-a28et, g62-a28sa, g62-a29sa, g62-a30eb, g62-a30er, g62-a30sb, g62-a30sl, g62-a30sp, g62-a30ss, g62-a30st, g62-a31so, g62-a32sl, g62-a32so, g62-a33eo, g62-a33sz, g62-a34so, g62-a35ep, g62-a35er, g62-a35et, g62-a35ew, g62-a35ez, g62-a35so, g62-a35sp, g62-a35ss, g62-a36sl, g62-a37sf, g62-a40ep, g62-a40ew, g62-a40sp, g62-a41sf, g62-a44sa, g62-a45sf, g62-a45ss, g62-a48ss, g62-a49ss, g62-a50er, g62-a50et, g62-a50ev, g62-a50sf, g62-a50sg, g62-a50sm, g62-a50sq, g62-a52es, g62-a52sg, g62-a52sr, g62-a53se, g62-a53sg, g62-a54sg, g62-a54sr, g62-a55er, g62-a55sf, g62-a55sg, g62-a55st, g62-a56sg, g62-a57sf, g62-a57sg, g62-a58sf, g62-a58sg, g62-a59eg, 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HP Compaq CQ72 Series

HP G72, G72-100, G72-200, G72-a00, G72-b00, G72-c00 Series

g72-101sa, g72-110sa, g72-110sd, g72-110sw, g72-120eb, g72-120ep, g72-120ew, g72-120sd, g72-120szg, g72-120sg, g72-130ed, g72-130eg, g72-130sb, g72-130sf, g72-150eg, g72-150sf, g72-214ca, g72-217ca, g72-227wm, g72-250us, g72-252us, g72-253nr, g72-259wm, g72-260us, g72-a01sg, g72-a03sg, g72-a04sg, g72-a05sg, g72-a06sg, g72-a07sg, g72-a10ed, g72-a10ev, g72-a10sa, g72-a10sb, g72-a10sw, g72-a12sd, g72-a14ed, g72-a16ed, g72-a17ez, g72-a20er, g72-a20ew, g72-a20sa, g72-a20sb, g72-a20so, g72-a25er, g72-a25so, g72-a25sz, g72-a26ez, g72-a27so, g72-a30ek, g72-a30ew, g72-a30sb, g72-a30so, g72-a35er, g72-a40eb, g72-a40er, g72-a40ew, g72-a40sp, g72-a50et, g72-a50sb, g72-a60sf, g72-b01er, g72-b01sa, g72-b01sg, g72-b01st, g72-b02er, g72-b02sa, g72-b03eg, g72-b03sg, g72-b04eg, g72-b04sg, g72-b05eb, g72-b05sd, g72-b05sg, g72-b05st, g72-b07eg, g72-b07ez, g72-b08eg, g72-b09eg, g72-b10eb, g72-b10eg, g72-b10em, g72-b10eo, g72-b10sd, g72-b10sg, g72-b10ss, g72-b10sv, g72-b10sw, g72-b15eb, g72-b15sd, g72-b16ez, g72-b20eb, g72-b20sa, g72-b20so, g72-b20sw, g72-b22eo, g72-b25eo, g72-b27cl, g72-b27ez, g72-b30eb, g72-b30ew, g72-b30sm, g72-b30ss, g72-b32ez, g72-b40sb, g72-b40sf, g72-b40sq, g72-b40ss, g72-b45eb, g72-b45sb, g72-b46eb, g72-b47sb, g72-b49wm, g72-b50ef, g72-b50elf, g72-b50sf, g72-b50sp, g72-b50sr, g72-b50ss, g72-b50us, g72-b51sf, g72-b52ef, g72-b52sf, g72-b53nr, g72-b53sf, g72-b54nr, g72-b54sf, g72-b56ef, g72-b56sf, g72-b57cl, g72-b58sf, g72-b60eb, g72-b60sf, g72-b60ss, g72-b60us, g72-b62ef, g72-b62sf, g72-b62us, g72-b63nr, g72-b66us, g72-b67ca, g72-b67us, g72-b80sb, g72-c55dx

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