DC Jack Toshiba U840W U845W DD0TEAAD000 com cabo 4 Pin
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DC Jack Toshiba U840W U845W DD0TEAAD000 com cabo 4 Pin


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Entrada DC / DC Jack com cabo.

Part Number: DD0TEAAD000

Conector: 4 pin

Comprimento: 8 cm


Toshiba Satellite U840W, U840W-107, U840W-108, U840W-109, U840W-10C, U840W-10F, U840W-10J, U840W-10K, U840W-10N, U840W-10P, U840W-10R, U840W-10T, U840W-10U, U840W-10V, U840W-10W, U840W-10X, U840W-C9S, U840W-D8S, U840W-D9S, U840W-F1S, U840 PSU4RA-00Q00C, U840 PSU4RC-00Y00D, U840 PSU4SA-015005, U840 PSU4SC-001001, U840 PSU4WA-006004, U840 PSU4WA-00R004, U840 PSU4WC-001001, U840-SP4201L, U840-SP4260SM, U840-SP4362SM, U845, U840W PSU5RA-002001, U840W PSU5RA-014001, U840W PSU5RC-00H00U, U840W PSU5XA-001006, U840W PSU5XC-00L007, U840W PSU5XC-012007, U845-S402, U845-S404, U845-S406, U845-S409, U845-SP4201L, U845-SP4201SL, U845-SP4260M, U845t, U845T-S4150, U845T-S4150, U845T-S4155, U845T-S4155, U845T-S4165, U845T-S4165, U845T-S4168, U845t-SP4204L, U845W, U845W-S400, U845W-S400, U845W-S410, U845W-S410, U845W-S410P, U845W-S410P, U845W-S414, U845W-S414, U845W-S414P, U845W-S414P, U845W-S415, U845W-S415, U845W-S4170, U845W-S4170, U845W-S4180, U845W-S4180, U845W-S430, U845W-S430, U845W-SP4201L, U845W-SP4201L, U845W-SP4201L, U845W-SP4201SL, U845W-SP4260M, U845W-SP4260SM, U845W-SP4262SM, U845W-SP4302L, U845W-SP4361S, U845W-SP4361SM Series.

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