DC Jack HP DV6-6000 DV6-6055 DV6-6060 DV6-6100 640424-001 com cabo 7 Pin
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DC Jack HP DV6-6000 DV6-6055 DV6-6060 DV6-6100 640424-001 com cabo 7 Pin


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Entrada DC / DC Jack com cabo.

Part Number: 50.4RN09.001 / 640424-001 / 665306-001

Conector: 7 pin

Comprimento: 14 cm

Estado: Novo 


HP Pavilion dv6-6000, DV6-6100, dv6-6b00, dv6-6c00 Series

dv6-6000eb, dv6-6000el, dv6-6000se, dv6-6001ea, dv6-6001sa, dv6-6001tx, dv6-6002em, dv6-6002sa, dv6-6003ev, dv6-6004ev, dv6-6004sa, dv6-6005ea, dv6-6005et, dv6-6005sa, dv6-6005sf, dv6-6005sl, dv6-6006ea, dv6-6006em, dv6-6007tx, dv6-6008el, dv6-6008eo, dv6-6010el, dv6-6010sw, dv6-6013cl, dv6-6013tu, dv6-6014eo, dv6-6015tx, dv6-6016tx, dv6-6017tx, dv6-6018tx, dv6-6019tx, dv6-6020ca, dv6-6020el, dv6-6020ew, dv6-6025ew, dv6-6025tx, dv6-6030eo, dv6-6030ew, dv6-6030st, dv6-6031sp, dv6-6035tx, dv6-6039tx, dv6-6040ca, dv6-6040ep, dv6-6040ew, dv6-6042eo, dv6-6044tx, dv6-6047cl, dv6-6050ee, dv6-6050ey, dv6-6050se, dv6-6051eb, dv6-6051er, dv6-6052ea, dv6-6053ea, dv6-6054ea, dv6-6055, dv6-6055ep, dv6-6057sf, dv6-6060, dv6-6060ep, dv6-6060sa, dv6-6063eo, dv6-6067ez, dv6-6070, dv6-6070ca, dv6-6070eo, dv6-6070ep, dv6-6070se, dv6-6077ei, dv6-6077er, dv6-6077la, dv6-6080ei, dv6-6080ep, dv6-6080se, dv6-6090ee, dv6-6090sm, dv6-6090sim, dv6-6090us, dv6-6091nr, dv6-6093ex, dv6-6095es, dv6-6095sg, dv6-6096ex, dv6-6100, dv6-6100 , dv6-6180, dv6-6180ep, dv6-6180sp, dv6-6185sp, dv6-6190, dv6-6190ep, dv6-6190sp, dv6-6195sp, dv6-6196, dv6-6196ep, dv6-6198, dv6-6198sp, dv6-6199, dv6-6199sp, dv6-6b00se, dv6-6b00tu, dv6-6b01ew, dv6-6b01tx, dv6-6b02ss, dv6-6b02tx, dv6-6b03er, dv6-6b04tx, dv6-6b06et, dv6-6b07ea, dv6-6b07ev, dv6-6b07ez, dv6-6b07ss, dv6-6b07sz, dv6-6b07tx, dv6-6b08eh, dv6-6b08es, dv6-6b10er, dv6-6b10ew, dv6-6b10tx, dv6-6b12ej, dv6-6b13ev, dv6-6b13ss, dv6-6b13tx, dv6-6b14ev, dv6-6b14ez, dv6-6b14tx, dv6-6b15ew, dv6-6b15ss, dv6-6b16ef, dv6-6b17ss, dv6-6b17sz, dv6-6b18sg, dv6-6b18ss, dv6-6b19ej, dv6-6b19ev, dv6-6b19sg, dv6-6b19tx, dv6-6b19wm, dv6-6b20eb, dv6-6b20ee, dv6-6b20eo, dv6-6b20ev, dv6-6b20ew, dv6-6b20ey, dv6-6b20ez, dv6-6b21ee, dv6-6b21he, dv6-6b22em, dv6-6b22he, dv6-6b25tx, dv6-6b26sa, dv6-6b26us, dv6-6b27nr, dv6-6b30eb, dv6-6b30ez, dv6-6b30sw, dv6-6b38eo, dv6-6b40, dv6-6b40ew, dv6-6b40ez, dv6-6b40sp, dv6-6b41ed, dv6-6b42eo, dv6-6b45eo, dv6-6b45ez, dv6-6b47dx, dv6-6b48nr, dv6-6b50, dv6-6b50eb, dv6-6b50ew, dv6-6b50sa, dv6-6b51ea, dv6-6b51ei, dv6-6b51nrs, dv6-6b51sa, dv6-6b53er, dv6-6b54er, dv6-6b54sl, dv6-6b55ea, dv6-6b55eg, dv6-6b55sg, dv6-6b55sl, dv6-6b56el, dv6-6b56er, dv6-6b57el, dv6-6b57er, dv6-6b57sa, dv6-6b58sa, dv6-6b59el, dv6-6b60ea, dv6-6b60ec, dv6-6b60eo, dv6-6b60ew, dv6-6b63er, dv6-6b66ew, dv6-6b70ew, dv6-6b71ef, dv6-6b75ca, dv6-6b78el, dv6-6b79el, dv6-6b80ee, dv6-6b80se, dv6-6b82eg, dv6-6b83cas, dv6-6b83eo, dv6-6b84eo, dv6-6b86ex, dv6-6b90ec, dv6-6b90ee, dv6-6b90se, dv6-6b91eo, dv6-6b92eg, dv6-6b96ex, dv6-6c00, dv6-6c00tu, dv6-6c01ea, dv6-6c01ej, dv6-6c01ev, dv6-6c01se, dv6-6c01so, dv6-6c02et, dv6-6c02sr, dv6-6c02tx, dv6-6c03ej, dv6-6c03st, dv6-6c04ea, dv6-6c04es, dv6-6c04et, dv6-6c04st, dv6-6c05ea, dv6-6c05ew, dv6-6c06eh, dv6-6c06tx, dv6-6c09tx, dv6-6c10ed, dv6-6c10ez, dv6-6c10sc, dv6-6c10tx, dv6-6c10us, dv6-6c11nr, dv6-6c11sa, dv6-6c11sz, dv6-6c12ea, dv6-6c12nr, dv6-6c13cls, dv6-6c13tx, dv6-6c14nrs, dv6-6c14tx, dv6-6c15nr, dv6-6c16nr, dv6-6c19tx, dv6-6c20eo, dv6-6c20ez, dv6-6c20tx, dv6-6c21eo, dv6-6c29wm, dv6-6c30, dv6-6c30br, dv6-6c30ep, dv6-6c30ez, dv6-6c30sb, dv6-6c30sf, dv6-6c30tx, dv6-6c35dx, dv6-6c35tx, dv6-6c36tx, dv6-6c38tx, dv6-6c40, dv6-6c40cas, dv6-6c40eg, dv6-6c40ep, dv6-6c40ex, dv6-6c40sa, dv6-6c40se, dv6-6c40tx, dv6-6c40uss, dv6-6c41ee, dv6-6c41sa, dv6-6c41se, dv6-6c43cls, dv6-6c43nr, dv6-6c45ez, dv6-6c45zu, dv6-6c45se, dv6-6c45sx, dv6-6c46eo, dv6-6c47cl, dv6-6c48us, dv6-6c50, dv6-6c50br, dv6-6c50ca, dv6-6c50ei, dv6-6c50eo, dv6-6c50ep, dv6-6c50ez, dv6-6c50la, dv6-6c50se, dv6-6c50tx, dv6-6c50uss, dv6-6c51ca, dv6-6c51eo, dv6-6c51et, dv6-6c51sl, dv6-6c52el, dv6-6c52sf, dv6-6c53cl, dv6-6c53nr, dv6-6c54nr, dv6-6c55er, dv6-6c55se, dv6-6c55sr, dv6-6c56ea, dv6-6c57ea, dv6-6c57ei, dv6-6c57nr, dv6-6c58ez, dv6-6c59ea, dv6-6c60br, dv6-6c60el, dv6-6c60eo, dv6-6c60la, dv6-6c60se, dv6-6c61el, dv6-6c61se, dv6-6c63sf, dv6-6c63sl, dv6-6c65ed, dv6-6c65ee, dv6-6c65el, dv6-6c65se, dv6-6c65sl, dv6-6c65sx, dv6-6c70br, dv6-6c70ex, dv6-6c71el, dv6-6c73ca, dv6-6c73el, dv6-6c75la, dv6-6c75sa, dv6-6c77sa, dv6-6c79sf, dv6-6c79sl, dv6-6c80el, dv6-6c80la, dv6-6c81eg, dv6-6c81eo, dv6-6c82eo, dv6-6c85eg, dv6-6c85la, dv6-6c98sa, dv6-6c99ey, dv6t-6000 CTO, dv6t-6c00 CTO

HP Pavilion dv7-6000, dv7-6100, dv7-6b00, dv7-6c00 Series

dv7-6000el, dv7-6000em, dv7-6000er, dv7-6000sa, dv7-6004ea, dv7-6008eg, dv7-6010eo, dv7-6010so, dv7-6010sw, dv7-6011tx, dv7-6014tx, dv7-6020eb, dv7-6020ev, dv7-6020sw, dv7-6025eg, dv7-6030ew, dv7-6031eo, dv7-6035ed, dv7-6050ea, dv7-6050ef, dv7-6052ea, dv7-6053er, dv7-6060eb, dv7-6070ca, dv7-6070za, dv7-6076ei, dv7-6080eg, dv7-6080el, dv7-6080eo, dv7-6081eg, dv7-6085eg, dv7-6089eo, dv7-6097ef, dv7-6099ee, dv7-6101eg, dv7-6101eo, dv7-6101er, dv7-6101sa, dv7-6102ea, dv7-6102sa, dv7-6102sg, dv7-6103ei, dv7-6104eb, dv7-6108eo, dv7-6110ec, dv7-6110so, dv7-6111sz, dv7-6111tx, dv7-6113cl, dv7-6113tx, dv7-6117ez, dv7-6117sg, dv7-6117so, dv7-6117sz, dv7-6118eg, dv7-6120ei, dv7-6120tx, dv7-6123cl, dv7-6123ez, dv7-6130ew, dv7-6130ez, dv7-6135dx, dv7-6139eg, dv7-6140eo, dv7-6140ew, dv7-6142so, dv7-6143cl, dv7-6145eg, dv7-6145ez, dv7-6150em, dv7-6150ev, dv7-6150sp, dv7-6151eo, dv7-6151sd, dv7-6153nr, dv7-6153sf, dv7-6154ea, dv7-6154nr, dv7-6156nr, dv7-6157cl, dv7-6157nr, dv7-6158ca, dv7-6160, dv7-6160ca, dv7-6160ez, dv7-6163cl, dv7-6163us, dv7-6165us, dv7-6166nr, dv7-6168nr, dv7-6169nr, dv7-6170sf, dv7-6171ei, dv7-6171sf, dv7-6175us, dv7-6178us, dv7-6179us, dv7-6180, dv7-6180eb, dv7-6180sl, dv7-6185us, dv7-6187cl, dv7-6188ca, dv7-6190, dv7-6190ed, dv7-6190sl, dv7-6192eg, dv7-6192sf, dv7-6193ca, dv7-6195us, dv7-6197ca, dv7-6197sl, dv7-6198, dv7-6198sl, dv7-6199, dv7-6199sl, dv7-6199us, dv7-6b00ee, dv7-6b00et, dv7-6b00sm, dv7-6b01tx, dv7-6b03er, dv7-6b03sg, dv7-6b04er, dv7-6b05ea, dv7-6b05ez, dv7-6b05tx, dv7-6b10ew, dv7-6b10sw, dv7-6b11ev, dv7-6b13eg, dv7-6b13so, dv7-6b13ss, dv7-6b15eg, dv7-6b18ez, dv7-6b20, dv7-6b20eb, dv7-6b20ep, dv7-6b20ew, dv7-6b21em, dv7-6b21sg, dv7-6b21sm, dv7-6b30eb, dv7-6b30ed, dv7-6b30ew, dv7-6b32us, dv7-6b33ez, dv7-6b35ez, dv7-6b40ew, dv7-6b44ez, dv7-6b45el, dv7-6b46el, dv7-6b50ea, dv7-6b50eb, dv7-6b50ez, dv7-6b51ea, dv7-6b54er, dv7-6b55dx, dv7-6b55er, dv7-6b56nr, dv7-6b57ez, dv7-6b57nr, dv7-6b62ef, dv7-6b63us, dv7-6b65ez, dv7-6b70eb, dv7-6b70ed, dv7-6b70eo, dv7-6b70ez, dv7-6b71nr, dv7-6b73ef, dv7-6b73nr, dv7-6b75eo, dv7-6b75nr, dv7-6b76eo, dv7-6b77dx, dv7-6b78us, dv7-6b82eg, dv7-6b86us, dv7-6b89el, dv7-6b90ec, dv7-6b91nr, dv7-6b93eg, dv7-6b97el, dv7-6c00sd, dv7-6c00tx, dv7-6c01ea, dv7-6c01sg, dv7-6c02em, dv7-6c03so, dv7-6c05ev, dv7-6c06ev, dv7-6c06tx, dv7-6c07eg, dv7-6c07cu, dv7-6c09tx, dv7-6c10eo, dv7-6c10so, dv7-6c10tx, dv7-6c13sz, dv7-6c17ez, dv7-6c20, dv7-6c20ep, dv7-6c20uss, dv7-6c21nr, dv7-6c22nr, dv7-6c23cl, dv7-6c23cls, dv7-6c27cl, dv7-6c35sg, dv7-6c40ez, dv7-6c43cls, dv7-6c47cl, dv7-6c50eb, dv7-6c50ei, dv7-6c50ew, dv7-6c51ei, dv7-6c52eo, dv7-6c54ea, dv7-6c54er, dv7-6c54sr, dv7-6c55ez, dv7-6c57ez, dv7-6c60ef, dv7-6c60uss, dv7-6c63nrs, dv7-6c64nr, dv7-6c66nr, dv7-6c67nr, dv7-6c70ca, dv7-6c70el, dv7-6c70ez, dv7-6c73ca, dv7-6c73el, dv7-6c75eo, dv7-6c80eo, dv7-6c80us, dv7-6c81eo, dv7-6c82eg, dv7-6c90ee, dv7-6c90el, dv7-6c90us, dv7-6c93dx, dv7-6c95dx, dv7-6c95ex

HP Pavilion dv7t-6100 CTO

HP Pavilion dv7t-6b00 CTO

HP Pavilion dv7t-6c00 CTO 

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