DC Jack HP ENVY 17-N 17-N000 17-N100 com cabo 10 Pin 813804-001
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DC Jack HP ENVY 17-N 17-N000 17-N100 com cabo 10 Pin 813804-001


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Entrada DC / DC Jack com cabo.

Conector: 10 Pin 9 Cabos

Comprimento: 24 cm

Estado: Novo 


HP ENVY 17-n000, 17-n100 Series

17-n000ng, 17-n000np, 17-n001ng, 17-n001nl, 17-n001np, 17-n001ns, 17-n001tx, 17-n001ur, 17-n002ne, 17-n002tx, 17-n002ur, 17-n003tx, 17-n005tx, 17-n005ur, 17-n006na, 17-n006tx, 17-n007tx, 17-n008na, 17-n008nl, 17-n008tx, 17-n009ur, 17-n010na, 17-n010nb, 17-n010nw, 17-n011tx, 17-n012tx, 17-n013na, 17-n013tx, 17-n014tx, 17-n016nb, 17-n030no, 17-n041no, 17-n046nd, 17-n060na, 17-n062na, 17-n065na, 17-n078ca, 17-n087nz, 17-n100na, 17-n100nd, 17-n100ne, 17-n100nf, 17-n100ng, 17-n100ni, 17-n001np, 17-n100np, 17-n105np, 17-n107np, 17-n100nl, 17-n100nn, 17-n100np, 17-n100ns, 17-n100nt, 17-n100nx, 17-n100ur, 17-n101na, 17-n101nf, 17-n101nc, 17-n101ng, 17-n101ni, 17-n101no, 17-n101ur, 17-n102na, 17-n102nf, 17-n102nn, 17-n102no, 17-n102ur, 17-n103la, 17-n103nc, 17-n103nf, 17-n103ng, 17-n103no, 17-n103ur, 17-n104na, 17-n104nc, 17-n104nf, 17-n104ng, 17-n104nl, 17-n104no, 17-n104ur, 17-n105nc, 17-n105nf, 17-n105ng, 17-n105nl, 17-n105np, 17-n105tx, 17-n106ng, 17-n106nl, 17-n107na, 17-n107nf, 17-n107ng, 17-n107np, 17-n107tx, 17-n107ur, 17-n108nf, 17-n108ng, 17-n109na, 17-n109nf, 17-n109ur, 17-n110na, 17-n110nb, 17-n110nf, 17-n110nw, 17-n110tx, 17-n111tx, 17-n111ur, 17-n112tx, 17-n113na, 17-n113nf, 17-n113tx, 17-n114na, 17-n116nb, 17-n120nd, 17-n125nd, 17-n151nr, 17-n152na, 17-n152sa, 17-n153nr, 17-n170nz, 17-n171nz, 17-n176nz, 17-n178ca, 17-n179nr, 17-n180nz, 17-n181nb, 17-n185nz, 17-n186ng, 17-n190nz, 17-n197ur

HP ENVY 17t-n000 CTO

HP ENVY 17t-n100 CTO

HP ENVY 17-r000, 17-r100, 17-r200 Series

10-n122tu, 17-r002tx, 17-r003tx, 17-r004tx, 17-r005tx, 17-r013tx, 17-r100ne, 17-r100nl, 17-r100no, 17-r100np, 17-r100nt, 17-r100ur, 17-r101nl, 17-r101nn, 17-r101nx, 17-r102nl, 17-r102ur, 17-r103nc, 17-r103nn, 17-r103ns, 17-r103ur, 17-r104na, 17-r104nc, 17-r104nn, 17-r104ns, 17-r105ng, 17-r105np, 17-r105ns, 17-r106nf, 17-r106ng, 17-r107na, 17-r107ng, 17-r107np, 17-r107ur, 17-r108ng, 17-r108ur, 17-r109ur, 17-r110ng, 17-r114na, 17-r114nf, 17-r115nf, 17-r116nf, 17-r117nf, 17-r118nf, 17-r120nd, 17-r146nz, 17-r170nz, 17-r171nz, 17-r180nz, 17-r182nz, 17-r183nb, 17-r185nz, 17-r187nz, 17-r190nz, 17-r214na

HP ENVY m7-n, HP ENVY m7-n000, HP ENVY m7-n100, m7-n011dx, m7-n014dx, m7-n101dx, m7-n109dx

Part Number: 799752-F18, 799752-S18, 799752-T18, 799752-Y18, 813797-001, 813804-001, CBL00671-0180

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